About us

About us

The babaloo-design brand was created as a result of many years of business experience acquired on the North American continent. The founder and manager of the babaloo-design team, interior designer Alex Pilepić, is a supporter of simple, minimalist solutions in space.

Freedom in creativity on the one, and expertise and discipline on the other hand are the starting points of every process when it comes to designing your living space. Professional and friendly staff, the highest product quality as well as ultimate design guarantee your satisfaction. The unique combination of the design office and upscale furniture showroom are the distinguishing features offered by babaloo-design. Feel free to contact us with confidence.

Babaloo design creative team

Nevena Pavić, counsellor and manager of Babaloo-design’s showroom

Dalibor Abramović, lighting designer

Leila Pilepić, head accountant and deputy director

Alex Pilepić, director and head of the design team

Ivana Rusmir, sales adviser

Matea Franelić, interior designer

Ilaria Ković, interior designer